The Experience

The Trinity Encounter is a weeklong experience in Montana where workplace men gather to meet and encounter God in a focused time of teaching, procesing, and listening.


All teaching is Biblically based and incorporates content from the pre-reading material by authors such as Dallas Willard, Francis Chan, Jerry Bridges and others.

The teaching is limited to three single hour sessions per day followed by personal time alone to reflect and process the material presented. The time alone is typically followed by small group discussion. This rhythm of content, individual and group processing is a pattern that continues throughout the week.

Major themes are: Experiencing God vs Knowing about God, Discipleship – Following Jesus, Understanding our Heart, Holy Spirit Forgotten God, Spiritual Disciplines and developing a Personal, Spiritual Growth Plan.


The primary benefit of a place like Trinity Ranch is the opportunity to disengage from the normal busyness of daily responsibilities long enough to “Be Still” and connect with God in an environment that reflects His creativity and presence.

Processing Biblical truth in an environment with minimal distractions and one that enhances the ability to listen and hear God speak allows each participant to consider more deeply the context of their own personal spiritual journey and identify areas for change and growth.


God desires to speak to us. Most of us however do not set aside regular time to listen to Him or practice disciplines that enhance our ability to hear Him and recognize His voice when He does speak. Times of silence and solitude in quiet, uninterrupted reflection increases the opportunities to hear Him. The practice of listening to Him through Scripture, meditating on His Word, prayer, being alone, quiet reflection or small group settings provide new understanding of the need for developing practices that enhance our ability to hear God speak.

There are three different & unique Trinity Encounter tracks:

  1. 1.0
  2. 2.0
  3. 3.0

The Trinity Encounter 1.0 is an opportunity to step away from the demands and distractions of our busy pace of life long enough to examine the depth or reality of our commitment to follow Jesus.

For many, we have morphed into a form of Christian experience that lacks any significant presence of a daily encounter with God, much less any meaningful intimacy with Him.

This week is an opportunity to examine these questions and experience His presence.

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The Trinity Encounter 2.0 is an opportunity to build upon the first Trinity Encounter week

For some, it's a celebration or a remembrance of a change in the trajectory of their spiritual life. For others, it's an opportunity for further examination or another mid-course correction,

Regardless, it will be an opportunity for new teaching that challenges us to go deeper in our experience with Him.

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The Trinity Encounter 3.0 is a shortened 3-4 day experience where Trinity Encounter Alumni are invited to bring a non-Christian friend to Trinity Ranch to experience the opportunity of meeting God in this incredible creative setting.

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Each Encounter takes place at Trinity Ranch in Conner, Montana