What Men are Saying...

"The Trinity Encounter was a truly defining time in my understanding and relationship with Christ. The solitude and intentional focus of the week long Encounter has changed my life..." – Scott

"I count the days at Trinity Ranch as some of the most influential in my Christian walk and strongly encourage anyone even remotely moved to attend; "to make this investment in their walk with God". He will change your life as a result." – Jonathan

"I didn't know how badly I needed my time at The Ranch. Life circumstances had left me doubting deep with me whether God loved me. I desperately wanted to hear from God and I desperately wanted to know that He loved me. God answered my unspoken prayer powerfully. I have never been able to "hear God's voice" as well as my time at the Ranch." – Tim

"It would take pages to write down all the incredible encounters I had with God this week. The time of solitude with God were by far the most incredible encounter I had with God ever. He spoke right to the core of me. He used His creation to speak to me in ways I have never experienced before. I am so overwhelmed by His presence and how clearly loving His voice is. I never get enough. I found that everything else paled in comparison to my times of solitude."

"The most meaningful thing for me was the alone time. Way exceeded my expectations. Amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was a life-changing week!"

"Great mix of teaching, alone time, and small group time. Don't change the time allocated to each."

"I arrived at the Ranch with absolutely no expectations, but for the first time in my life, I experienced the Holy Spirit "talking" to me in the quiet of the forest and in the verses that I was reading. Clearly I was not alone in this reaction. All of the guys went from strangers to essentially becoming a "band of brothers" during this short time frame. The openness and honesty expressed by each could only have happened with the Spirit's help. Truly, the most memorable week of my life in relation to my walk with our Lord." — Russ

"The Trinity Encounter was all about God's agenda and my being willing to be still and listen to God. The extended time away from the craziness of life allowed me to hear God, simply calling me to a deeper relationship with Him. So many of the issues of my life are a result of not walking closely with God in ALL areas of my life. This week challenged me to sell-out completely to God in all areas of my life. I feel free. I am excited to have a game plan to continue my Christ Formation" — Tim

"Trinity Encounter was an unforgettable week in my life. The teaching and leadership, and that incredible environment, created a rich opportunity to quiet my heart and mind, retune my spiritual ears, and be refreshed deeply in my soul. Trinity Encounter must be experienced!" — David

"Two and a half years ago I took a day off to hike, clear my head and look for a touch of clarity. What happened was crazy. The very next day I heard about this Montana Ranch. Montana created the space where for the first time I truly STOPPED. When that happened, God was right there to pick up the conversation. I got the clarity I was looking for. I learned I was on the right track but I was playing small and I was being called to go to a whole other level." — Jeff

"My walk with the Lord had wandered onto unbeaten paths. In the beginning stages of the week, I was open and honest with myself and the others about my current, nonexistent relationship with God. I went to Church every Sunday but the more I went, the more I wondered if God was a part of my life or if He even existed. The first time out, I came right out and said to Him, "If you are really here, show me." The Lord spoke to me, "I am the Lord your God and I am right here before you." Initially it was unsettling as I was unaccustomed to having God speak so directly to me, but over the course of the week, I opened myself up to Him and He continued to hold a conversation with me. He made it clear that He has plans for me, some of which I still don't know. But the difference is now I know to look and listen for them. Trinity Ranch was the week that restored my faith, restored my belief in the Lord. Trinity Ranch changed my life." — Kyle

"Thank you so much for the Trinity Encounter we had last week. I have never been to any spiritual experience like it in my thirty years as a believer. God spoke to me in many areas of my life in a profound way. I know that I will be a better disciple, husband, father, and attorney because of my time on the Ranch."

"I have always feared silence and solitude. Like most people these days, my schedule is packed constantly with work and family responsibilities. When I went to Trinity, I knew that I would have regular time each day in silence and it made me anxious. At first I struggled with my quiet times. I kept looking at my watch to see how much time was left or I would look around to see if I could see others, but by the end, I found I wasn't looking for my distractions. I found it very peaceful to just sit with God and be content. It felt wonderful to unplug from the world and be surrounded by the mountains, trees, and animals. It was therapeutic to decompress and just listen to what God had been trying to say to me for so long, but I was too distracted to hear it. There is something that occurs at Trinity that is life changing if you open yourself to God, sit with him each day and learn to listen" — Jason

Each Encounter takes place at Trinity Ranch in Conner, Montana